The Melusina
Best NightClub in Town, for more than 30 years!


Melusina has been an integral part of Luxembourg’s Nightclub culture. Located opposite the Mousel brewery, the Restaurant and Club have always been a popular spot in the old town of capital known as Clausen.
For more than 30 years Melusina has played an essential role in Luxembourg’s nightlife.
This is not about to change.

What can you expect from a club that everyone in Luxembourg knows? That it will up its game. A better sound system and a finely tuned acoustic, in an environment that will do justice to one thing:


Melusina welcomes new resident and international DJ’s, new genres and a variety of sounds that will give each weekend its very own character. Would you like to book a table at our nightclub? For requesting VIP-Access, please log into your account, visit the event you want to book a space for and follow the instructions!